Our Vision

The vision of the Bourton Meadow Education Trust is that all children in the Buckingham and Northampton communities and beyond are provided with outstanding education opportunities so that they all achieve their potential. We want to strengthen our links with schools so that they can help to shape and evolve this vision. We want to keep the best educational professionals within our communities. We want to work with other schools and organisations in our communities to maximise the opportunities for all children who live there.


The Trust's principal activities are to provide all children within the Buckingham & Northampton community and beyond with the same outstanding education opportunities principally by establishing, maintaining, managing and developing schools that offer a broad, balanced and outstanding curriculum.

An underlying principle is to preserve the uniqueness of all our schools with local autonomy where possible whilst demanding excellence at all times. The Trust should aim to deliver economies of scale centrally but delegate as much responsibility to local governing bodies as they know their communities best.


Our Key drivers are:

  • Keeping the control of education within our communities
  • Sharing expertise, resources, facilities, etc.
  • Maintaining consistently high-quality teaching and learning
  • A shared ethos and philosophy around keeping children safe
  • Developing first class leadership & management, both at senior staff and governance level
  • Providing joint training opportunities to help deliver quality teaching and learning across the Trust
  • Improved succession planning to ensure our school’s futures
  • A positive impact on pupil progress and achievement 

Our academies

t: 01280 823374 e: bmet@bourtonmeadow.bucks.sch.uk