Our Values

Our values are built around key areas we know create a positive environment for children to learn and grow. We call these areas the “steps to success” and they are at the heart of the ethos of the school as it moves forward.


Outstanding teaching.

We work side by side with our teaching staff to ensure high-quality teaching and support them with exceptional training and development. To ensure no child is left behind, we have developed data management tools which allow teachers to monitor pupils’ progress and quickly identify when children, or indeed teaching staff, need extra support.


Positive behaviour

Our Academies are characterised by a respectful and orderly environment, where teachers focus on teaching and pupils on learning. Excellent behaviour is taught, reinforced and recognised throughout all our Academies and poor behaviour is not tolerated. We do not accept excuses and we do not make any either.


Exciting Curriculum

Our Academies ensure the Curriculum is exciting and engaging for all Pupils. We prioritise the teaching of English and Mathematics to give our pupils secure foundations on which to build other skills. Specialist teachers for PE, music, ICT and MFL teach across our Academies proving the best quality learning opportunities for the BMET pupils.



We ensure that every pupil knows and is known well by every adult. We know children do their best when teachers and families work together: we strive to involve families in all aspects of school life. We keep parents well informed of pupils’ targets and progress and work together to understand any challenges children may face at home or at school. Together we aim to create an environment where every pupil feels happy and is able to thrive. 


Leading by example

Every BMET Academy will be led by a strong Headteacher and team who understand what an outstanding Academy looks and feels like. All Academies will be supported at a strategic level by our Executive Headteacher who has a wealth of experience in working with schools to ensure every pupil is getting the best education. 

Our academies

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